Hosted Answering Service Software

Did you sell your successful Telephone Answering Service to soon?   Have you ever thought of starting your own service but found equipment costs to be prohibitive?  Experimented with OpenAnswer but never able to get it working?  Are you stuck on legacy equipment unable to upgrade or grow?  Are you attracted to the 30% recurring profit margin successful Telephone Answering Services return?

Hosted in US data centers  and deliverable to any high speed internet connected PC with a a softphone.  A primarily mouse driven intuitive interface assures you and your agents can be taking calls in minutes without lengthy manuals and clunky keystroke combinations.  This is a complete system, not shared with other users. You have full control over all system functions.

Start your own answering service for under 1000 dollars a month.  Everything you need to get in the Telephone Answering Service business.  A fully Functional Hosted TAS platform full of all the TAS software features you are used too and lots of new ones. With a built in PBX you simply need to add DID numbers to start taking calls. Numbers can be ordered online and activated in seconds.   You just provide the customers.

Get started today and be in business tomorrow!

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